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What to Give This Valentine’s Day

Many of you are aware, and if not you might want to take note; Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away.  If you haven’t even started thinking about it yet, because it feels like we just got done with Christmas, join the crowd.  It always seems to sneak up and can bring with it tremendous expectations and anxiety.  If you are wondering what to get the special people in your life this year, honestly start with giving them LOVE.  Many people go overboard on holidays and special occasions spending extravagant amounts of money on lavish gifts.  There is nothing wrong with this if you can afford it.  But I promise you, even if you are giving a diamond bracelet, without it being motivated by love it might as well be a blender.

Practical Ways to Show Your Love

Gift giving should never break the bank, and it doesn’t have to be stressful.  I would like to suggest that before you give any physical gifts ensure the recipient is first covered with compassion, generosity, gratitude, and devotion.  I know it sounds cliché and you’ve heard it before, but these are the gifts that will last a lifetime.  Nothing is more important than the relationship you build.  A gift should be given to enhance that journey, not substitute for it. There are several practical ways to give the gift of love:

  • Open the car door for them
  • Cook a favorite meal or take them breakfast in bed
  • Always talk positively about them
  • Ask if they need a drink or anything else while you’re up from the sofa
  • Help with the chores
  • Surprise them with their favorite drink, candy, or ice cream the next time you go grocery shopping
  • Turn off your electronic devices when they want to talk and when you are eating meals
  • Hug, kiss, and hold hands as often as possible
  • Give them a back or foot massage
  • Leave a note telling why you love them or why you are thankful they are in your life

You can really impress your companion by starting on the 1st and make it a full month of love.  Do at least one thoughtful thing for them every day, even if it’s just taking out the trash.

Shopping Tips and Resources

I’m sure most of us will still end up purchasing or creating some sort of present for the holiday.  So spend quality time with the person to truly get to know them and see what they want.  This is the first step to showing love anyway, so you are getting two birds with one stone.

Offer to go shopping wherever they choose.  They may be flattered you are even willing to go to their stores in the first place, and make sure to keep the kindness coming while out and about.  Don’t give big exhausted sighs while going through the store or find a chair in the corner and be on your phone the entire time.  Offer to hold items while they shop, and ask why they do or do not like something.  If they come across several things they enjoy, make notes and buy a few for Valentine’s Day and save the other ideas for upcoming occasions. It’s much easier to refer to a list when you realize his/her birthday is only a month away than to start from scratch.

Another piece of advice, if at all possible, do not buy the gift in front of them.  Run by the store after work, ask a clerk to hold an item for you until the next day if needed, or at least try to get the recipient distracted so they don’t see you making the actual purchase.  Finally, try to wrap it, or ask the cashier if they offer gift wrapping.  Nowadays with gift bags galore, all you have to do it put it in a bag with a little tissue if all else fails.  Here are a few links to sites offering great gift ideas too:

I know most of this is pretty much common sense, but from what I’ve seen lately there are a lot of us that could use a little reminder about courtesy and respect.  Remember why we celebrate Valentine’s Day in the first place, to go out of our way to show the most important people in our lives that we love them.  Make sure there is no question in his/her mind, let your love overflow and be thankful for the people in your life.

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