Top 5 Picks for the Week, January 27, 2012

Fitness, Sunsets, Decisions, Murals, and Composers


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Wondering when to buy that solid-state drive you’ve been needing to install or just can’t wait to get the latest tablet in your hot little hands?  Do yourself and your pocketbook a favor; check out before you buy.  This site is dedicated to helping you determine if prices on products are likely to drop or stay the same for the next few weeks or months.  They provide graphs showing the pricing trends to easily track progress and list the costs of the items as found through online sites, as well as in stores near your area.  You can search by a specific model, general categories, or view all electronic products they have featured.  There is also a list of the best deals currently available.  When out and about, they have an app for both Andriod and iOS which integrates  barcode scanning options to easily look up your items in question., one more tool to help combat buyer’s remorse.


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2. Jonathan Elias

Jonathan Elias is an award-winning American composer praised for his soundtracks and instrumental arrangements.  He has personally written and collaborated on numerous projects.   American River by Elias is one of my essential albums for a productive work environment and great for road trips.  His music is creative, inspiring, and can be a welcomed break from the routine of main-stream radio.  The website, Elias Arts,  showcases much of his work in addition to national advertising that has featured his sound designs.  His albums are available for purchase or download though common sites such as Amazon.


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3. Murals Your Way

One of the most impactful tools that designers can employ is the use of murals.  Murals Your Way is a trusted site that helps take the guesswork out of customizing walls on your own.   They have a vast library of images you can choose from including cityscapes, famous artwork, and children’s cartoons.  For a completely custom look, you can send them your own images to use.  They also offer a variety of materials depending on how permanent you would like the mural to be and the look you are trying to achieve.   They remove without damage, and one option can even be re-used.  Easier and faster than painting it yourself, and cheaper than hiring a professional, Murals Your Way is the next big enhancement for home and business décor.


Photo Credit: Raymond Knaub

4. Raymond Knaub

Capturing the color and majesty of a Midwestern sunset on canvas is rarely undertaken and seldom done well.  However, Raymond Knaub is a modern-day master when it comes to his techniques and landscape compositions.  Born and raised in Western Nebraska, Knaub lived close to the land and his passion and appreciation for the scenery is spoken through his paintings.  You can almost hear the crickets chirping and feel dusk fall in around you when viewing his work.  Most of his pieces are centered around the rural countryside, but Knaub has also created several images featuring Italian locations and Tuscan settings.  You can search online for a possible dealer near your area, or many of his paintings are available in prints or posters through sites such as and


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5. RunKeeper

RunKeeper is an app that helps track your workout activities. Available for downloaded through iOS or Andriod, it uses GPS to follow your route when working out through more than just running. You can set the app to your specific activity from swimming to skiing.  It keeps track of distance, time, average pace, and approximate calories burned.  This data can be stored with an online account to have notifications sent when you have reached certain goals, or if it’s been a few days and you need a little extra motivation.  Once an activity is completed, you can go back and view your progress on a map and compare it to previous exercises.  RunKeeper is great for distance training or just a quick walk in the park.

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