Top 5 Picks for the Week, February 3, 2012

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1. Reuben Heyday Margolin

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Reuben Heyday Margolin is a forward thinker, his creations range from portraits to rickshaws.  Quite possibly his most noted works are focused on kinetic art, pieces with motion.  Drawing from nature and the fluid action of waves, Margolin has constructed several intricate suspended masterpieces.   Through his website you can view photos and videos of his art and see the movement of the kinetic sculptures. He is truly innovative, executing a beautiful mix of mathematics, science, art, and nature. I have never seen anything similar to these designs and would love to view an installation of his work in person.

Reuben Heyday Margolin YouTube Media

 2. Flixster

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Flixster is an app I find myself using almost every weekend.  It provides the ability to view what movies are playing currently and specific to your area.  You can see ratings and read reviews from both critics and everyday users.  Movie trailers, show times, maps to the theaters, and the option to buy tickets right from your handheld device make this the all inclusive movie app.  It also lists upcoming films and new releases to DVD.  Free for both Android and iOS, Flixster is a staple for all movie goers.


3. Art Project, Powered by Google 

Photo Credit:; The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli

Do you long to travel to exquisite museums to view the world’s most famous works of art?  If you haven’t got the savings yet for that European vacation to Versailles, the next best thing is taking a virtual tour thanks to the Art Project by Google.  Masters such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Botticelli are on display 24/7 as never seen before.  The site allows you to currently explore over 15 different art museums from around the globe.  Using Google’s street view technology, you can actually navigate through the galleries experiencing the rooms from 360 degrees.  Many of the works are featured with extreme detail, information, additional media such as video clips, and links to other pieces by the same artist.  Having just visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City only a week ago, I feel that the Art Project does a fantastic job of visually documenting the space and providing education on the art.  This is a great tool to view places you may never have the chance to visit, or to scope out a museum before you do have the opportunity to go to get your bearings and decide what areas you want to be sure to see.  When first visiting the site, I do recommend clicking the “FAQs” button at the bottom.  This will direct you to a page with a quick video describing how to get the most out of your time through all of the features that the site offers.  I highly recommend the Art Project for anyone interested in the arts and especially for educators to share with their students; it is a fantastic resource for study, research, and appreciation.

4. Pandora

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After the last few posts, I’ve had several people ask me where I find my music.  Pandora is my internet radio station of choice.  If you have not already found a service you prefer, Pandora offers exactly what I look for when streaming music.  You can create new stations based on a genre of music or a specific artist.  It will then play music similar to that theme, allowing you to like or dislike each song.  Pandora “learns” your preferences and builds a music feed tailored personally for you.  From The Rat Pack to religious stations, I have yet to find an artist, or type of music not offered.  When at home, I stream Pandora through my desktop computer.  I enjoy that they give all the information related to the song including artist, album (with the cover art), lyrics, biography, and similar artists.  I also have the app on my phone (available for free on both Android and iOS) to use when jogging or to hook up through our auxiliary jack in the car.  Pandora is great for those old favorites as well as discovering new and up-and-coming bands.

5. Puur Anders

Photo Credit: PuurAndres; Miranda van Dijk

Miranda van Dijk is a Dutch stylist from the Netherlands and the designer behind Puur Anders.  Her products can be viewed through her site, and she also has a shop on Etsy.  Puur Anders allows you to hold on to cherished memories by turning copies of photographs into wearable art and ornaments.  Inspired by the woods, van Dijk uses foliage made of woven materials as the canvas for the images.  These are then formed into necklaces, barrettes, and brooches.  Puur Anders offers custom work to honor your loved ones and display photographs in a whole new way.

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