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The world needs what you have to offer.  Every person on this planet has been endowed with special skills, thoughts, talents, and experiences.  As we enter into this year, I recommend that you consider new ways you can share your gifts and unleash your creativity.

There are numerous benefits to pursuing a creative life.  For me personally, it increases my confidence, my productivity, my peace, my happiness, and adds an overall balance to my day.  Now I know some of you are thinking, “I’m not into all that crafty, artsy stuff.”  Don’t place limits on what being creative means, and before you say it, yes, even YOU are creative.   Where would we be today if previous generations had not explored the unknown, allowing their skills and inspiration to change the way we live?  It doesn’t take long to see how every aspect of our lives is directly affected by creativity, from the computer or device you are currently using, to the shoes on your feet.

Since this is new territory for some of you, here are a few ways to kick-start your brain and get it out of the routine rut.

  • Use your non-dominant hand for daily tasks such as opening doors and holding a cup or utensil
  • Try new food and drink or new ways of preparing old favorites
  • Take different routes when walking or driving
  • Wear your watch on the opposite wrist

Clearly, we have all established habits and schedules out of convenience and because they work.  Changing these practices may lead to new discoveries, or you may find that the old way was truly the best.  However, introducing new stimuli to the brain will help keep it active and primed for those creative thoughts.

I have attached a list of ideas to help you start setting your creativity free.  I tried to keep the majority of them quick because I know we don’t all have extra time for large projects; but I have thrown in a few more elaborate ones to get your juices flowing.  Whether you reference this list or not, I highly suggest you try to do something different and creative on a daily basis.  I believe it will enhance more areas of your life than you expect.  You may even find a new avenue for a career or at least a fun hobby.  And as we’ve all heard, people who participate in activities they enjoy have lower stress levels which in turn can reduce numerous health-related issues.  All of these benefits can add to your overall happiness, increasing your quality time with family, friends, and even improve your attitude at the office.  So why not give it a try?  I’m sure there is at least one thing on this list that you can easily do to find a few minutes of enjoyment and relaxation during the busy day.  You may also unlock a storehouse of inspiration and be the next great contributor to our society.

Ideas to Help Unleash Your Creativity – PDF

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