Top 5 Websites for Moms

This week, in honor of our moms, the Top 5 is dedicated to sites that they will hopefully enjoy and find very useful.  Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 13th.  So, if you have not already finished your shopping check out the previous post for last-minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.  Since I am so fortunate this year to be spending time with my family, this post will be short and sweet.  Have a wonderful and very blessed Mother’s Day.

1. 5 Minutes for Mom

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5 minutes for Mom is a site where mothers can get together to talk about family life, shopping deals, health, and participate in blog parties.  As they put it, “5 minutes for YOU to read, relax, and connect with other moms.  We’re here to inspire, encourage, and empower you.”  It’s a great feeling to be part of a group and have the support of friends at your fingertips.

2. She Knows

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Updates and the latest news on entertainment, beauty, parenting, and even the family pet can all be found at They are a great resource for the latest styles and trends; a one-stop visit for all things popular. The piñata cookies highlighted in last week’s Top 5 for Cinco de Mayo are just one example of the great topics they feature daily.

3. Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech

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Deep down, all of us still hope our kids and their friends think we are cool.  We have not resorted to the mom jeans yet, but with all of our time focused on the family it can be tough to find time for ourselves.  Cool Mom Picks and their sister site Cool Mom Tech round up the greatest products and insider information available.  I love their reviews and suggestions for baby and kid gear and child-friendly apps.  They help us stay informed and clued-in to the latest technology.

4. Real Simple

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Adapted from the popular monthly publication, Real Simple is a site that covers it all.  Their Work and Life section is perfect for moms trying to balance the demands of a career and family.  Check out their posts on Holidays and Entertaining as well as Home and Organization for designer-inspired solutions.  As mentioned in a previous Top 5 for their Virtual Makeover, their Beauty and Fashion tips and advice are some of the best.

5. Nesting Place

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If you are looking for a tranquil site to refresh and relax while getting ideas and inspiration for your home, Nesting Place can be your deep breath of fresh air.  At the end of your busy day, take a few moments to visit the site and de-stress.  Gorgeous photographs and encouragement to do the fun and creative projects at home, her slogan says it all, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

What are your favorite mom sites? Drop me a line or add them to the comments below.

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