Top 5 Picks for the Week, January 13, 2012

Sales, Penguins, Gas, Threads, and Miniature Food

All throughout the week I come across wonderful websites, apps, music, and so much more. I want to share these with you since every item has improved my day in one way or another.  You can look forward to weekly breakdowns of all my picks to be posted on Fridays.  Hopefully, you’ll find something useful or at least entertaining to brighten your day.  Here’s the top 5 for this week.


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This is a wonderful website that has taken off quickly.  They rotate different sales from various artists and designers.  Deals only last a few days and the merchandise can be limited, so you have to act quickly; but the prices are substantially discounted and they showcases new products daily.  Below is an invite link where you can sign up with your email address.  They will use this for your membership and to send emails announcing current and upcoming sales.  The website also features an “inspiration” tab where members can upload photos and a live feed to see what’s being purchased or “faved.”  Other viewers can comment and interact with the community here, as well.  As one would expect, Fab also has an app for Andriod or iOS.  This has improved substantially from the first launch of the app only a few months ago.  The loading speed and ease of use is well worth a second try if you were frustrated with it previously.  All in all, is a great site to stir up your creativity and find unique gifts to impress your friends while helping to decorate your own space.  Click Here for Invitation to

2. Gas Buddy

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One of my most frequently used apps, Gas Buddy, lets you search for the cheapest fuel prices.    You can type in a specific city or zip code, or simply hit the “Find Gas Near Me” button and it will search the surrounding area.  It allows you to sort by fuel grade, price, and even map/get GPS directions to the desired location.  If you visit their full website you’ll find several other useful tools listing average gas prices by state and even a national map highlighting the highest and lowest prices across the country.  They provide results for Canada, as well.  This app is a great tool to get the best gas prices everyday and also when traveling.

3. Cayce Zavaglia

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The exceptional artist, Cayce Zavaglia, considers herself a painter, yet she has mastered the art with an unexpected medium.  Not utilizing oils or acrylics, Zavaglia paints her masterpieces with thread.  Her divine talent is embroidering portraits with striking realism.  Visiting the website, you can view her work and click on the pieces for enlarged images of the extraordinary detail.  Cayce Zavaglia is truly a brilliant artist and worth a quick trip to her site.


4. Roscata: Stuff for People

Photo Credit: Roscata; Stuff for People

It’s always enjoyable to wear jewelry that is sure to get noticed.  Roscata on Etsy has taken fun to a whole new level with their handmade polymer clay creations.  Everything from snow cone necklaces to a TV dinner brooch has been formed into meticulous miniature works of art.  Some of my personal favorites are the Chinese Dim Sum in Bamboo Steamer Necklace, the Cup of Tea with Lemon and Jelly Cookie Cocktail Ring, and Whole Roasted Coffee Bean Earrings.  Roscata is the perfect place to find a quirky gift for the foodie in your life, or look for something to brighten up your own outfit.  They are sure to make you smile and be an entertaining conversation piece.


 5. Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Photo Credit: Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Penguin Cafe Orchestra is an exceptional musical group from England.  Their work has been featured in numerous commercials and provides a great backdrop for a productive work environment.  Generally, when I need to stay focused I avoid music with lyrics.  For me personally it’s a little too distracting; I find myself singing along rather than concentrating on the task at hand.  The Penguin Cafe Orchestra is instrumental yet upbeat.  My favorite album at the moment is Preludes Airs and Yodels featuring Perpetuum Mobile which is available through Penguin Cafe Orchestra’s website or Amazon.  This is not a new album and the group has been around for years, but I still find it motivating and refreshing during a long day hunched over the computer.


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