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Tips for Traveling with an Infant: Pre-planning

Travel Tips 1 SezenYourLife

We did it! We successfully flew halfway across the country and back with a 7-month-old.  And we enjoyed ourselves during the process.  L did beautifully, and this trip gave us more confidence for traveling in the future. I had been dreading the thought of flying with an infant since before she was even born.  We’ve …

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Big Things for Spring

Sezenyourlife Tulips

February got away from me, and now here we are whittling down the last few hours of March.  In order to keep blogging and still spend as much time as possible with my family, I’m going to have to switch up my style.  I enjoy writing and, in case you haven’t noticed already, I’m a …

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Top 5 Picks for New Parents

Top 5 things I didn’t think we needed as new parents, but now I can’t live without As new parents it can be extremely overwhelming seeing the thousands of products available for you and your newborn baby.  It’s difficult to know what you will truly need, what is just a ploy, and what is going …

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Presenting Our New Addition

  I’m sorry for the delay in posting, but it isn’t without great reason. Last week our beautiful little girl was born!  L was 8 pounds 1 ounce, 21.25 inches long.  As all of you know that have had the immense blessing of becoming parents, there really are no words to describe the love and …

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Do-it-Yourself Baby Mobile

There is only one week left till my due date, and our little bundle of joy could arrive any day now.  Most of the major things have been crossed off our to-do list; so to help pass the hours I turned my efforts to a fun project for the nursery, a crafty handmade mobile. I …

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Using Stories to Stay in Touch

It’s difficult for me to fully express the important role friends and family members play in our lives.  As we get older and start families for ourselves, we begin to place greater value on the companionship, support, and love that they offer.  However, there seems to be a harsh paradox that as we long for these …

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What to Pack for the Hospital in Preparation for Labor and Delivery

The days and months of my pregnancy are continuing to fly by.  It’s hard to believe that today I’m starting my 36th week, just a little over one month left to go.  So, now that we are in the homestretch, friends, family members, and even my doctor have suggested that I go ahead and start …

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Top 5 Websites for Moms

This week, in honor of our moms, the Top 5 is dedicated to sites that they will hopefully enjoy and find very useful.  Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 13th.  So, if you have not already finished your shopping check out the previous post for last-minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.  Since I am so fortunate …

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Top 5 for the First Half of Pregnancy

As mentioned in the last post, we are finally expecting our first child, and I am just over halfway through the pregnancy.  Many of us know there are several essential items that one must have to successfully conquer the first few months.  There are more than 5 individual items today, but I have grouped them …

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The Good, the Bad, and the Pregnant

After 2.5 years of dating and 5.5 years of marriage, we are finally onto the next big step in our relationship, starting a family.  Already over halfway through, I am now 21 weeks pregnant.  I have been extremely blessed; my first trimester went very well.  I was a little tired and nauseated but nothing bad …

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