Sensory Blanket

Sensory Blanket by Sarah Franzen


  1. Hello Sarah, I came across your article for this blanket on Pinterest and would like to put it on our Facebook page. The Australian Sewing Guild has 2000 members Australia wide and on a good day 7000 followers on Facebook. Many of our members have family and friends with Dementia and this would be a wonderful gift or many of our members sew for charity and would make this to donate to a care facility. Can I have your permission to put it on the ASG Facebook page? You can check us out
    Regards, Jude Ewen

    1. Dear Jude,
      I would be thrilled and honored to have you share the Sensory Blanket for Alzheimer’s/Dementia Patients article on the Australian Sewing Guild Facebook page. It has been amazing to see this idea quickly gain strength. So many people are being touched and blessed, and I am overjoyed that we are finding a tangible way to reach out and show our love and support for those who are going through this journey. I am truly inspired by the eagerness of people to create the blankets, and touched by how many are affected directly themselves or have a close friend or family member who have been diagnosed.
      Thank you so much for having such an uplifting website and Facebook page. As we all do a little, it is making a big difference! Thank you for reaching out and please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or need anything else from me.
      Sarah Franzen

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