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Spring Cleaning Away the Stress and Reclaiming My Time

The weather is warming up, the sun is shining, and my spring cleaning is underway.  I wouldn’t consider myself to be one of those people that enjoys cleaning, I just like the way things feel after the job is done and clutter is cleared out.  I’m pretty good about keeping the house neat and organized, …

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Top 5 Picks for the Week, March 9, 2012

Life Hacks, Computer Glasses, Salt Art, Audio Books, and Beautiful Stores 1. Lifehacker I’m always looking for new ways to improve my life and make things easier.  Lifehacker.com is a website chock full of tips, tricks, and “hacks” focused on taking the stress and complication out of daily tasks.  Throughout the day they feature different ideas to …

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More Than Just a Mere Magnet

Accessories can make a big impact and drastically change the appearance of even mundane objects.  Magnets would fall into this category; they are an often overlooked little addition that can dress up your newly created Magnet Board, your refrigerator door, or the inside of your cubicle on the desk and file cabinet.  Some people are fortunate …

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Magnificent Magnet Board

When we lived in Iowa, my husband and I were looking for an easy way to display photographs, notes, and ideas.  We wanted an option that could be quickly updated with new items and also not cause any damage to the photos and illustrations.  Ruling out a bulletin board or traditional framing, we decided to …

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