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Baby Quilt, a Blanket of Blessings; Part II

After a few very busy weeks, it’s good to be back around the house getting caught up and having some time to work on the Blessings Blanket.  I would have liked to have had this completed by now, but as we know, life gets exciting and sometimes things get delayed. However, I’m happy to say …

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Baby Quilt, a Blanket of Blessings; Part I

Living a great distance from our friends and family members, I want to make sure they are as much a part of our future baby’s life as possible.  I have also been wanting to make something special for our child that she could cherish for years to come, so I decided to combine the two.  …

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Repurposing Old Bed Sheets into a New Comforter

This is a great project to become familiar or reacquainted with your sewing machine.  The stitching doesn’t have to be perfect and it can be a wonderful opportunity to test out your free motion quilting skills (this was a first for me).   Additionally, you will save tons of money on material since you are repurposing old sheets.  …

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More Than Just a Mere Magnet

Accessories can make a big impact and drastically change the appearance of even mundane objects.  Magnets would fall into this category; they are an often overlooked little addition that can dress up your newly created Magnet Board, your refrigerator door, or the inside of your cubicle on the desk and file cabinet.  Some people are fortunate …

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Magnificent Magnet Board

When we lived in Iowa, my husband and I were looking for an easy way to display photographs, notes, and ideas.  We wanted an option that could be quickly updated with new items and also not cause any damage to the photos and illustrations.  Ruling out a bulletin board or traditional framing, we decided to …

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Decorative Noise Reduction Panels You Can Make at Home

I love creative projects!  They are one of my many passions.   I don’t like to think of things as “problems” per se, but rather as “opportunities” for enhancement.   Moving to a new place, or just getting that itch to redecorate your old space, can offer a goldmine of possibilities. One opportunity we were …

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